Chief of Police

Chief Michelle A Lee 
Chief administers the affairs of the Police Department in the enforcement of laws,
ordinances and regulations for the protection of persons and property by discharging all duties required by state and federal laws, city ordinances and rules and regulations of the Department.

She oversees the daily operations of the Police Department by reviewing and studying operations policies and directives.  She institutes changes within the scope of authority by recommending changes to ordinances and proposing new ordinances and statutes, when appropriate.

She administers all matters relating to human resources, including overseeing the selection, development and retention of sworn and civilian personnel according to Civil Service procedures and/or collective bargaining agreements.

She acts as the primary spokesperson for the department and maintains positive working relationships within the department, with city officials and with the public.

She coordinates short and long term planning for department operations and growth and maintains a system for fiscal accounting and prepares the annual department budget.

Operations Captain

The Operations Captain is in charge of the Patrol Division. He is in charge of patrol operations, scheduling, patrol training, jail operations, K-9 operations and special events.

Support Services Captain

The Services Captain is in charge of communications, records management, statistical reports, inventory, equipment, physical facility, dispatch management.

Investigations Lieutenant

The Investigations Lieutenant is in charge of the detective bureau. He is in charge of general and special investigations, oversees the juvenile programs and is the federal and state agency liaison.

Administrative Lieutenant

The Administrative Lieutenant is in charge of crime prevention, planning and research, late night sales, background investigations, neighborhood meetings, nuisance ordinance and is the news media liaison.

Supervisory Staff

Day Shift

Midnight Shift

Lt. Ed Wheeler
Sgt. Jason Short
Dispatch Coord. Alisen Butcher
Lt. Jennifer Ennemoser
Sgt. Ryan Gaydosh

Afternoon Shift

Detective Bureau

Lt. Nicholas Shearer
Sgt. Jim Ennemoser
Lt. Robert Treharn
Sgt. Rich Soika

Patrol Officers


Support Staff

Officer Lee Allen
Officer Kyle Auckland
Officer Jared Bowen
Officer Matthew Brooks
Officer Samantha Burton
Officer Matthew Butcher
Officer Michael Carnahan
Officer Timothy Cole
Officer Benjamin Darrah
Officer Michael Domer
Officer Sean Driscoll
Officer James Fuller
Officer John Gormsen
Officer Joseph Hadaway
Officer Neal Hilbruner
Officer Leonard Kunka
Officer Nicole Lipcsey
Officer Lindsey Llewellyn
Officer Josh Nelson
Officer Drake Oldham
Officer Dominic Poe
Officer John Romanoski
Officer Mitchell Smith
Dispatcher Crystal Bower
Dispatcher Tiffanie Brown
Dispatcher Jordan Costy
Dispatcher Nichole Jacobs
Dispatcher Kim Lafferty
Dispatcher Amanda Roharik
Dispatcher Beth Sadowski

Dispatcher Lindsay Schmalix
Dispatcher Rebecca Schneider
Dispatcher Brandon Wilkinson
Administrative Assistant Patti Long
Juvenile Counselor Jeff Langstaff
Compliance Officer Marla Dunn
Compliance Officer Ron Gardner
Detective Bureau Secretary Tanya Bzdil

Detention Officers

Detention Officer Keith Cooper
Detention Officer Homer Hood
Detention Officer Troy Loomis
Detention Officer John Rayle


Detective Eric Dreger
Detective Paul Fafrak
Detective Norm Jacobs
Detective David Marino
Detective Karen Travis