Compliance Officers 

Marla Dunn and Ron Gardner are the Compliance Officers who work under the direction of the day shift Lieutenant. Their job is two-fold. They handle animal complaints and parking violations.


Does NOT Handle 

  • Wildlife (deer, raccoons, possums, etc.) - Contact the Kent Service Department at 330.678.8105 for help with hiring a trapper to remove nuisance animals.
  • Dead animals - Contact the Kent Service Department at 330.678.8105 for dead animal pick up.
  • Bats or birds

  • Barking Dogs
  • Dogs at Large
  • Dog Bites
  • Cats at Large


The Kent Police Department operates their own kennel. The kennel is located at 1220 Mogadore Rd. It is in the beige building at the corner of Mogadore Rd. and Cherry St. The entrance to the kennel is opposite the microwave tower.

This kennel is larger than the previous one. The runs for the dogs are larger, there is more exercise room for the dogs and one of the runs is larger than the others in order to accommodate large dogs. There is also a larger area for people to interact with the animals as they consider adoption.

Access to the actual building is restricted to police department employees, but the runs are inside/outside and the dogs can be viewed anytime during daytime hours. There is video camera surveillance of the area. It is illegal to dump animals at the city kennel. If you are interested in adopting a dog from the kennel, please contact Compliance Officer Dunn or Gardner at 330.673.7732 from 7:00 AM until 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

City Animal Ordinances

Animal Ordinances are listed in Section 505 of the Kent Codified Ordinances:
  • The city has a leash law that says all dogs and cats must be on a leash and not running at large.
  • All dogs must have a license. Licenses are issued by the Portage County Auditor.
  • The City Health Department requires that all dogs must have an up-to-date rabies shot.
  • No one who owns a dog or cat or other domestic animal may abandon it.
  • No one may maliciously or willfully kill a dog, cat, farm animal or other domestic animal.
  • No one may maliciously or willfully poison a dog, cat, poultry, farm animal or other domestic animal.
  • No one may keep a dog that habitually barks, howls or yelps, creating unreasonably loud and disturbing noises.
  • No hunting or trapping of animals or fowl is permitted within city limits, unless authorized by the city.​

Cruelty to animals:
  • No one may torture an animal or unnecessarily or cruelly beat, mutilate or kill an animal.
  • No one may deprive an animal of necessary sustenance or confine it without a sufficient quantity of good wholesome food and water.
  • No one may impound or confine an animal without access to shelter from wind, rain, snow or excessive direct sunlight.
  • No one may carry or convey an animal in a cruel or inhumane manner.

Animal Bites

Seek medical treatment, if necessary. File a report with the police department. Either the Compliance Officer will take the report or an officer will if the Compliance Officer is not working. The dog owner will be advised to quarantine the dog for 10 days.

The report will be forwarded to the Health Department the next working day after the bite is reported. Someone from the Health Department will come out and physically inspect the dog. The Health Department will advise the owner that the dog must be quarantined for 10 days. The Health Department will set a day for the dog owner to take the dog to a vet. The dog must get a rabies shot at this time (if he did not have one prior) and the vet must give the owner a written report of the dog's health, which the owner must bring to the Health Department.

Failure to follow this procedure may result in criminal charges being filed against the owner.

Dangerous Animals

No person shall keep or maintain within the corporate limits of this city, any dangerous animal unless a special animal permit is first obtained from the Health Commissioner.

As defined in the Kent City Ordinances, "dangerous animal" means and includes any wild mammal, reptile or fowl which is not naturally tame or gentle but is of a wild nature or disposition and which, because of its size, vicious nature or other characteristics, would constitute a danger to human life or property if it is not kept or maintained in a safe manner or in secure quarters.

Dangerous Dogs

According to the Kent City Ordinances, dangerous dogs are defined as:

  • Any dog with a known propensity, tendency or disposition to attack unprovoked, to cause injury or to otherwise endanger the safety of human beings or domestic animals
  • Any dog which attacks a human being or domestic animal without provocation
  • Any dog owned or harbored primarily or in part for the purpose of dog fighting or any dog trained for dog fighting
No dog shall be deemed dangerous if it bites or menaces a trespasser on the property of its owner, if the owner has taken reasonable steps to protect the general public or lawful entrants on the property from attacks by the animal. Nor shall any dog be deemed dangerous if it harms or menaces anyone who has tormented or abused it.

No person owning or harboring or having the care or custody of a dangerous dog shall suffer or permit such dog to go unconfined. A dangerous dog is "unconfined," as the term is used in this section, if such dog is not securely confined or confined in a securely enclosed and locked pen or a dog run area on the premises. Such pen or dog run area shall also have sides of at least six feet in height and a secure top. The structure shall also have a foundation of either concrete or asphalt.

No person knowing of or harboring or having the care of a dangerous dog shall permit such dog to go beyond the premises of such person unless the dog is securely muzzled and restrained with a chain having a minimum tensile strength of 300 pounds and not exceeding three feet in length.

No person shall own or harbor any dog for the purpose of dog fighting, or train, torment, badger, bait or use any dog for the purpose of causing or encouraging such dog to unprovoked attacks upon human beings or domestic animals.

No person shall possess with intent to sell or offer for sale, breed or buy or attempt to buy within the city any dangerous dog.

Parking Enforcement

The second part of the Compliance Officers' job is parking complaints and enforcement. It is important for businesses to have parking available to customers. It is important to have access to sidewalks, since many people in town walk from place to place. It is important to keep the streets clear so they can be cleaned at night. Parking enforcement is not popular, but it is necessary. There are several common violations that are enforced. They are:
  • Parking longer than 2 hours in designated areas.
  • Backing into a diagonal parking space.  All diagonal spaces are head in only.
  • Parking in front yard.
  • Parking downtown between 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM

You can view a list of  all parking violations and the fine schedule.  You must have  Adobe® Reader  to view these files.

All money collected from parking fines goes directly into the city's general fund.

The Kent City Ordinances list the parking restrictions on each street in the city. They are listed in section 353.02 of the City Ordinances. The list of the streets can be  found here.

Request a Review of a Parking Ticket

A request for review gives you an opportunity to explain why you think the ticket should be voided or the fines reduced.

A request for review may be made within 10 days of issuance.

Review request forms are available at the police department and Budget and Finance, 930 Overholt Rd. They can also be downloaded from this web site. The form is on the Department Forms page, or can be  found here.


The request for review may be made online. Click here to Request a Review of a Parking Ticket.

After the request for review is filed, a Sergeant reads it and discusses it with the officer who wrote the ticket. They come to a decision and then a letter is sent to the person who requested the review, detailing the outcome. This generally takes between 7 to 10 days. During this time, the fines are on hold, they will not go up while the ticket is being reviewed.

If the ticket recipient does not agree with the outcome of the appeal, the ticket may be further appealed to the Kent Municipal Court.  A regular traffic citation will be issued to the recipient and a court date is issued. A judge will make the decision on whether the ticket stands or not.
      Note: The recipient may still have to pay court costs on this action.

Paying a Parking Ticket

Parking tickets may be paid with cash or check.  Make checks payable to the "City of Kent."

Payments may be mailed to or paid in person at:

     City of Kent Budget & Finance
     930 Overholt Rd.
     Kent, Ohio 44240

Payments made in person may be done so between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holiday observances.  After hours, payments may be dropped in the drop box located outside the Office of Budget & Finance at the address above.


Payment may be made online with a credit or debit card. Click here to Pay a Parking Ticket.  For all payments, enclose the yellow or white parking ticket.  If the ticket is not available, provide the license plate number of the vehicle that was ticketed and a name and phone number, in case there is a problem with the payment.  All NSF checks are subject to additional fees.