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City of Kent, Ohio Employment Application

    Instructions: Read the position notice and make sure you meet the requirements of the position for which you are applying. The application must be submitted to the appropriate City department by the deadline stated in the position notice. This application may be used for both civil service positions and non-civil service positions
  2. Are you over 18? *
  4. Name, Address, and Phone
  5. Have you taken a Kent Civil Service Exam within the past year?*
  6. Have you previously been employed by the City of Kent?*
  7. Have you previously been employed by the Kent Public Schools?*
  8. The following information will be used only if it is directly related to the position for which you are applying: Are you willing and able to secure an Ohio Driver's License if a license is required?
  9. Have you ever been employed in the state, municipal, or county service in Ohio?*
  10. Include type of training, organization, length of training, and subject covered.
  11. Full Legal Name
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