Copies of Reports

Obtaining Copies

Copies of reports may be obtained in person or by mail.

  • In-Person: Come to the police department between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m, Monday through Friday.
  • Online: Accident reports are available on line - see Accident Reports page.
  • By Mail: Mail your request to the police department. Include a note providing the Report Number (CR) or the name of one of the parties involved. Including the date and location of the accident would be helpful. Enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope.


There is no charge for the first 19 pages. For reports more than 19 pages, the cost is $0.05 per page, including the first 19. Payment must be made in cash or by check.

Reports are not faxed.


Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43(A)(1)(p) and federal law identify records which are exempt from being public records under the Public Records Law, and therefore, are protected from being subject to public record requests. They are:

  • Case narratives of open cases will not be released
  • Federal Social Security numbers
  • Identity of a suspect who has not been charged
  • Juvenile criminal cases
  • Medical records
  • Peace officer residential and familial information
  • Persons reporting child abuse
  • Rape victims prior to court appearance